Coaches' Corner

Coach Requirements

Background Screening

Background Screenings are required for ALL coaches, field and dugout personnel, and in general anyone permitted in the field/dugout areas with the players. This is for the children's safety and is not negotiable. Even if you have had a recent background check for your job, no matter what clearance level, you must still submit the background screening required by Athens Dixie Youth Baseball.

Click here (or on "BkGnd Screening" in menu) for instructions. Cost for screening is $9.95 and is paid for by the coach. The screening process typically takes 1-3 days.

Head coaches should have already completed this before the draft. Assistants are required to submit before Friday, 14 March 2014.

Concussion Training

All coaches are required to take the CDC's "Heads Up: Concussion in Youth Sports" training. Take the "Online Training Course for Youth Sports" module and submit your completed certificate to your respective League Director

Uniform Information

Everyone on the field during a game--players, coaches, assistant coaches--is required to wear his team's jersey. Team ball caps are also highly recommended.

Team Uniforms

Tuesday, 4 March 2014 @ 5:00 p.m.
You must confirm the following with the ADYB Uniform Director, Mandy Marks.

If you have a last minute change or request information regarding uniforms, please DO NOT contact Athens Athletics! This will only cause confusion and delay order processing. Please proxy your requests through the Uniform Director, Leisl Stanford, instead. (This is her job; she will not mind you contacting her if you have questions.) Once uniforms are received, you or your Team Mom will be instructed when/where to meet your League Director to pick them up.


Monogramming is desired by many teams but is not a requirment. If your team decides to do this, you must wait until you receive and confirm your team's uniform order and then take the uniforms to your shop of choice. It is highly recommended that you have one parent to place a combined team order rather than barrage them with several individual orders.

Coach Uniforms

Payment for coaches uniforms is due to your league director by 21 March 2014.

Adult Shirts:

Adult Hats:

Fan Wear (Parents, Siblings, etc.)

Parents, siblings, grandparents, etc. are welcome to show their fandom for your team! However, we must get the team and coach uniforms processed first so that they arrive before games start. Information for ordering shirts and hats for your fans will be provided at the Team Mom meeting on 12 March 2014.

Team Mom Meeting

Both Team Moms and Head Coaches are required to attend the Team Mom Meeting on 11 March 2014.

ADYB Shared Equipment

Helmets & Facemasks

All players are required to wear an approved helmet with faceguard/facemask when batting and running bases. Each child is strongly encouraged to have his own helmet for health and sanitation reasons. ADYB does have a limited number of helmets available if needed. Please contact the Equipment Manager, Greg Anderson, if a player needs to borrow one for the season.


T-Ball tees are available. You may borrow one during a practice/game ONLY, and they are not to leave the Sportsplex. Game tees for 5/6 are available in the Electrical Room next the Women's Restroom at the Concession Stand. Additional tees may be available in the Equipment Shack.

The 5/6 teams have priority use always, but if extras are available the older leagues may use them for practices.

If you are the last team to use a tee, please be certain to return it when done. This is especially important if you are the last game of the evening!

Pitching Machines

Pitching Machines are available. You may borrow one during a practice/game ONLY, and they are not to leave the Sportsplex. All pitching machines are kept in the Equipment Shack. If you are the last team to use a machine on a field/cage, please be certain to return it to the Equipment Shack when done. Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES should these machines be used or left out in the rain!


Equipment Shack

Coaches, if you need access to the Equipment Shack for tees, pitching machines, extension cords, etc., please contact your League Director for instructions.


We very recently spent a good deal of money to upgrade the cages with new turf. At the moment, it is still too cold for the turf installation to be finalized and glued down. You may use the cages with caution, but please refrain from running on it lest it pull away from the temporary anchors holding it in place. Please help us take care of our improvements by not scooting or dragging heavy/sharp equipment across it.

All ages 7 and above have been provided reserved time slots for cage use. There are a few slots available for the 5/6 teams if desired. Please contact our Scheduler, Mike Pressnell, if you wish to reserve a time for your 5/6 team.

Sportsplex Lights

If your team is the last one off the fields, please turn off the South Pod lights via the Electrical Room (next to Women's Restroom) leave the Sportsplex. Thank you.

Hotline:(256) 262-8711
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